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Developers Daedalic Entertainment and publishers Nacon present the newest creation of theirs – an action-adventure video game, based on famous fantasy books The Lord of the Rings: Gollum (PC) __GAME_PLATFORM__ key. Immerse yourself into the role of the strange character Gollum and hunt the thing that is the most precious to him. This character has a lot of skills and is in a good shape, but he is also torn by a double personality. One mind and two egos will make this adventure unforgettable both for Gollum and for you! In the universe of The Lord of The Rings, this character is one of the most interesting ones. Athletic and agile, sneaky and cunning, Gollum wants to take back in his hands the thing, that is the most precious to him. We ensure, that this adventure won’t be boring.

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum features

Get to know these game’s elements, that will make your journey even better:

  • Unique personality. Gollum has seen things that others didn’t even dream about. He survived things, that others would not dare to mention. Torn by split-personality, the character can be angry and evil Gollum or social and smart Sméagol;
  • The most detailed story of Gollum to date. Despite, that in J. R. R. Tolkien’s books, this character is mentioned a lot, many nuances of his story have not been told. In this game, you will experience that untold story. From the slavery below the Dark Tower to living among elves of Mirkwood;
  • Survival. Use stealth and your cunning in order to survive dangers. Jump, slide through traps towards victory;
  • Fights against enemies. Gollum isn’t a fighter, but when needed, he can surely kill his victim in original and villainous ways;
  • • Cheap The Lord of the Rings: Gollum (PC) __GAME_PLATFORM__ key price.

What more can you expect?

In The Lord of the Rings: Gollum (PC) __GAME_PLATFORM__ game, every taken decision, choice, and even the way you play it will directly affect the personality of the Gollum. This character is constantly tormented by two sides, so only the player will be able to make a final decision and choose which side, the dark one, or the light one, will win. One mind, but two egos – it seems, that a lot of crucial decisions are waiting for you! If you are a fan of The Lord of The Rings universe, this game will be just in your alley. It’s not a surprise, that Gollum is one of the most interesting characters in this world, and those who want to get to know him more personally can enjoy themselves with this game always at a cheaper price!