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From the vaults, we have unearthed the game that was the developer's first produced game/visual novel. After much updating and bug smashing, we bring you Superspy Steve, the car dealer and part-time action hero whose just trying to change his luck after losing family. Originally launched on Patreon as a mostly functioning clicker-visual novel, Cringe Games has polished it up a bit and will be updating it periodically. I personally enjoy the intention of the plot and characters and I believe it has a promising future to build off of.

You play as Steve, of the aforementioned super spy Steve, and you just inherited a car dealership along with a massive amount of debts. Your days of training hard and playing even harder are complicated by this new problem in your life, and so no jet-setting for you until you can get those debts paid off. However, being locked down for a bit might be worth your time with your schedule opening up for a little dating action while you get your grind on. It's time to put your swagger on and see if you have what it takes to achieve success with the ladies. Honing your skillset to get the ladies in bed would be a valuable asset to your spy résumé.

Steve is the cult classic in adult VN's, and I hope you also enjoy what's inspiring Cringe Games to build on Superspy Steve's story.


  • Nearly 1,000 renders
  • Clicker style mechanics w/ repeatability for different outcomes
  • Thousands of lines of dialogue, over 26,000 words filled with humor, drama, love, and sex.
  • Multiple story paths
  • Explicit animated sex scenes (NSFW)
  • Many hours of playtime
  • Many love interests to pursue
  • Mouse or keyboard control