Last added Call of Duty 4 servers

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TsK|Promod|SD|Public|HARD Bot Warfare TeamDeathmatch server! Match Server! NL Company Gaming Server[BC]Star Wars Frontlines[HC][BC] Call Of Duty RIO | [HC] Promod Gaming bo . PROMOD2022 by h4xhosting|MTX| pr | Sniper LA - Pugs/Mix Promod [BTD] Alpha-XL Server COD4 szervere|[XG] TDM - HC MaxXP AllMode [B3] -' Team Promod 4 Weapon oldschool 2012 mod' CodJumper sv_fps 10 = ON!{CoD~Modding} Place Hard Mode LIQUID|RS|Michael Vs Hiders{OW2 v1.46 TEST} Paint Ballz [B3] - - Public COD4 Server Promod BTD Zombies LIVE V2.20 Server is Born|RS|Promod TDM[VSG] Stock Promod S&D[EU] SomeOGs | Mixed | Vanilla MAPS OF COD XP+ -- XPBOOST-Map Voting Zombies ZOMDB Only Sniper by qbzhosting Bolt Snipers [B3] - BRASIL CHUMBO QUENTE @CGBGames @CGBGames Prestiges-GhostRun-Unlimited Spawn|RS|RotU-Revolution - Zombies GaMinG Promod |REMASTERED| - Attack: 12 Defence: 4 Pro 5 Vs 5 Round: 10/12 Map: mp_crash Gametyp: sd ?[SD][GG] Kill-Ship[K]UB!YO..ESPORTS... Match Server Clan [RU] CoDJumper | Time: 28 mins [HARD][ReNeGadoS] RNGs| HC | KAM I|CwR| SnD Promod |REBORN| - Attack: 12 Defence: 6[CORE]CLAN Amizade em primeiro LUGAR! PAK PRONESS Walking Dead by[ROAR] TDM SRI LANKA ProMod 2022 by Amir Server[HC][P]eR Pro[M]oD Only TDM NewEx PRONESS Sniper PRONESS TDM Promod PRONESS Only Server Promod Noobs..|RA|DAR #5 WAR TDM[BC]Frontlines[HC] [WAR todo Domingo as 20h][Za30] MEGATRON SERVER Bastards - St Louis2 X4 v2.0 eXtreme Warfare Server|RS|HC S&D 10x HighXP SRV2[Alpha_X] Server By:CoCo|RS|Promod S&D 2.20 - Round: 12/20 LIVE V2.20 24/7 Crosfire [B3] - Cod2 Weapons & Maps! TDM DM SD : Sniper Elite Team!Hosted|RS|TDM 10x HighXP SnD Promod - Round: 14/24 247 General Bottage HC&HQ Tilos SK/MD/LS/GL/JUGGER Extra Score point! Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare | Gaming ZA Hardcore FFA | Join us - 17 alpha|RS|CodJumper 247 Crossfire Bots #2 247 Crossfire Bots #1 Sniper Promod SD server |[APG] - CoD 4X|Ao3| - Promod ARMY OF DEATH =|Mapvote|Custom Maps|Attachments|Vision Settings|Gun Game Zone || Promod Private Clan Server[SNIPERS-WARFARE]|RS|Sniper Only Promod - Round: 4/20|F|r| Team S&D Hosted by[ISS] -ULTIMATE-SNIPER-LEGIONS-[AGV] Hyper XP[AGV] AntiGravity MaxXP AllMaps [B3] -[BOT]ticelli CoD4 |[G]=TeamDeathMatch-War High XP || Gamers! S&D Hosted by[AX] Hardcore HighXP S&D NEW MOD -[AX] Hardcore HighXP FFA NEW MOD -[AX] Double-XP RotU-REVOLUTION 0.7.2 | Wave: 1 - Intermission -[HCC] Sniper Hogans Chaos Camp Crossfire (TDM) by|Promod-Sniper-Zoom|Remod by pr!m3[Za30] ROTU-R ZOMBIES -> GET BANNED | #2 SNIP-Only PROMOD | Variety Maps (US) by CampGrounds[TeX]Deathrun |Double XP 10 | Round: 1/12 |Best Maps|Double-XP|Anti-Block| ~ CoD 4: MW Search & Destroy ~ CoD 4: MW Sabotage ~ CoD 4: MW Death Match SniperZ HC FFA ~ CoD 4: MW Headquarters ~ CoD 4: MW Domination|HCB| Search & Destroy II -by hardcorebrothers & CoD4X ~ CoD 4: MW War - only - Promod | #4 Black Ops 2 | | Custom BO2 Mod | - BRASIL ~ CoD 4: MW Crossfire EM ALL HC Mix szerver ®,NO:Cheat,kemp,@ Luxhosting Elite Team HARDCOR pwd by|DeadGame| SnD Promod TDM High XP Gun Game of War FFA (Mod Maps)|DeadGame| Sniper Promod | #3 Death Run | | Custom Deathrun Mod | | #1 Zombies-R | | RotU Revolution Custom | 24/7 Crossfire 24/7 Broadcast Sabotage 2.1 hosted by KpyTb-BepTb hosted by KpyTb-BepTb S&D Van's COD4X Server TDM FFA DOM HQ Van Shipment 24/7 ModERN..[Za30] NAZEMNAY VOINA||CITY||Black Ops 2||! Server!v1.0 S&D /HQ /SAB /TDM | Team Sponzored by Medusa! | ROMANIA 20xXP over|uL| Match Server #2 BlackOps2 FTag PROMOD TRASNOCHE! SNIPER CLASS | !veteran | !hud | !rank | $fov | $promod | $fps | KING - HC 10 Prestige Custom Van SND Server for Players ONLY SNIPER 19.0 Version - Rounds: 4/20 | Powered By Lux of War TDM GunGame FL FFA|RUSSIAN WINTER Or Call @ 03081392647 DM[UP] GunGame v3 [Zombies] cod4 S&D HC hight xp SL CUSTOM MAPS | @SniperLobServer For All Server Crossfire 24/7 100FPS 24/7 Crosfire [B3] - MaxXP AllMaps [B3] -[DM] LOBBY~~(_==8 -R3XT- DIE NERDS DIE[HC*Bad_ Boyz]FFA! Match Server! DE*|S.O.S|*SnipersOnlySnipers my.Next Gaming|Promod|SD COD2 War Server|Promod|SD Classic 1 [Trump] CoDJumper | Time: 32 mins[DFC]HC MW2 MAPS CRK[E.N.C.L]:s MW2 Server| DeathRun 1.4 |[DFC]STAR WARS! CRK! Match Server! FR[] *COD4* FFA|Promod|TDM Aim[UP] Scrim Server Party Games | Infected ||Promod|FFA Custom of Hell TeamdeathMatch || Be Welcomed[DFC]HC CRACKED MIX[SKY]= Extreme Server Of Hell || Hide and Seek (Prop hunt)[HcW] HC HQ nosztalgia [NO: GL, LS, MD, JUGG, RPG csak helire, KEMP-csak vedo] || All Maps TDM HC | CoD4 Hardcore Softcore (TDM) by BattleRoyale #PROMOD' DeathRun | Version: 1.32 | Round: 2/10| Discord: [NL] CoDJumper | Time: 529 mins COD4x Server|FF|=Paintball Hardcore (TDM) by[UP] PromodLive S&D 3 HARDCORE | HAVE FUN [FR] CoDJumper | Time: 11 mins|DeBa|FFA|HC|SomeMaps|| Free For All HC | GaMinG |Promod |SD|#2| - Round: 14/20[UP] PromodLive S&D 2[<QG>]ClanBR@CGBGames|DeBa|TDM|HC|3 Maps| Crash | Crossfire | Broadcast | Star Wars: Galactic Warfare | SWM ||#OMEGA|-eSport GaMinG |India-Kerala|HC||TDM|#1|B3||DeBa|FFA|HC|All Maps| KTK | Kill the King | (Updated February 20, 2022) | 167 Custom Maps | Round: 1/4 Event: None (default KtK)[SKY]= TDM|War Server = Wild Weapons =[UP] Scrim Server 2' CodJumper 1.05[SKY]= FFA Server of Hell || Killhouse Only || Server 24/7|ZA|SAB-MIX PRIVAT & -|DeD|- MW2 FTag Backlot 24/7 100FPS[UP] Promod TDM SAB H 100FPS #2 Crash 24/7 100FPS Gaming FFA Server powered by Nebulous Community SAB H 100FPS #1 TDM H 100FPS|ZA|GUN GAMES SOFT 24/7 FFA[ISS] -ALL-WEAPONS-[v.F] Promod FFA H 100FPS #1[VSG] 24/7 S&D Core|ZONA ATO|MIX HARD|ZA|CROSSFIRE HARD|ZA|CROSSFIRE SOFT|ZA|KILLHOUSE SOFT Gaming New Experience Server powered by Nebulous Community[UP] PromodLive S&D 1|ZONA ATO|DOM SOFT |FastDl|CustomMaps| by CMA. |#TheShedyt | SND CW Server @ by|S'D|PromodLive S&D - Attack: 0 Defence: 5 DOM H 100FPS [DE] CoDJumper | Time: 16 mins Promod SnD -|HARDCORE|BOTS<LCV> Anti-Pro FFA HC HighXP |[Killhouse 24/7][CRK] paddifs Ballerbude{FH}First 2 Thirty FFA HC Freeze Tag - Freeze Tag|h4x|=eXtreme !! ||Europe Server !! Obscurity -[FNRP] Rotu 1.15 Server US2 24/7 Domination| Sniper Only FFA| Fun | High Jump | Fast XP, Anti Cheat | WaRRiors K3 Server v1.63 || by @ | PML US1 24/7 TDM Shipment/Killhouse!!!