[BlaBla] DM+HS FFA NEW IP: Сервер CS 1.6

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Server is offline since 6 October 2019 14:31 (238 дана 7 сати 22 минута)

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238 дана 7 сати 22 минута
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Server information:

  • Админ адреса е-поште


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There is no information from the server administrator
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Преузимање CS 1.6

Maps on the server:

Game round duration 2 минута

Additional server information:

  • Server added to monitoring 4 July 2015
  • Last request to server 29 May 2020 09:31 (2 дана 12 сати 23 минута пре)
  • Server game description gametracker.rs
  • Server game version
  • Server game protocol 48
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  • allow_spectators:1.0 The maximum number of spectators in the game
  • amxmodx_version:1.8.2
  • amx_automix_redirectip:
  • amx_client_languages:1
  • amx_language:en
  • coop:0
  • deathmatch:1
  • decalfrequency:30 Time lapse between player using graffiti: 30 seconds (number of seconds) (default value: 60)
  • dp_version:0.9.582
  • edgefriction:2
  • hostage_debug:0
  • hostage_stop:0
  • humans_join_team:any
  • map_spawns:T(20) CT(20)
  • max_queries_sec:1
  • max_queries_sec_global:1
  • max_queries_window:1
  • metamod_version:1.21-am
  • mp_allowmonsters:0
  • mp_autokick:0 Automatic player kick for server inactivity (AFK): disabled (1 - enabled, 0 - disabled)
  • mp_autokick_timeout:-1
  • mp_autoteambalance:1 Automatic balancing of player teams: enabled (1 - enabled, 0 - disabled)
  • mp_buytime:0.75 Time to purchase weapons at the beginning of the round: 45 seconds (number of minutes)
  • mp_c4timer:35 Time before a bomb explodes after it is installed: 35 seconds (number of seconds) (default value: 45)
  • mp_chattime:3 The time after the end of the map, during which players can write chat messages: 3 seconds (number of seconds) (default value: 10)
  • mp_consistency:1
  • mp_fadetoblack:0 Darkening a player’s screen after death: disabled (1 - enabled, 0 - disabled)
  • mp_flashlight:1 Using a flashlight in the game: enabled (1 - enabled, 0 - disabled)
  • mp_footsteps:1 Steps audibility: enabled (1 - enabled, 0 - disabled)
  • mp_forcecamera:2
  • mp_forcechasecam:2
  • mp_fragsleft:0
  • mp_freezetime:5 The duration of freezing players on the respawn at the beginning of the round: 5 seconds (number of seconds)
  • mp_friendlyfire:0 Friendly fire: disabled (1 - enabled, 0 - disabled)
  • mp_ghostfrequency:0.1
  • mp_hostagepenalty:0 The number of hostages a player can kill before being kicked out of the server (A value of 0 disables the restriction)
  • mp_kickpercent:0.66 Percentage of players needed to kick a player: 0.66% (measured as a percentage (0 - 0%, 1 - 100%))
  • mp_limitteams:0
  • mp_logdetail:0
  • mp_logfile:1
  • mp_logmessages:1
  • mp_mapvoteratio:0.66 Number of players votes for a map change: 0.66% (measured as a percentage (0 - 0%, 1 - 100%))
  • mp_maxrounds:0 The maximum number of rounds of the game on the map
  • mp_mirrordamage:0
  • mp_playerid:0
  • mp_roundtime:2 Game round duration: 2 минута (number of minutes)
  • mp_startmoney:800 The initial amount of money in the first round
  • mp_timeleft:0
  • mp_timelimit:0 Game time limit on the map: 0 seconds (number of minutes)
  • mp_tkpunish:0 Killing a player at the beginning of the next round if he killed an ally: disabled (1 - enabled, 0 - disabled)
  • mp_windifference:1
  • mp_winlimit:0 The maximum number of victories per team, upon reaching which there is a change of map (A value of 0 disables the restriction)
  • pausable:0
  • sv_accelerate:5 Player acceleration (default value: 5)
  • sv_aim:0 Using AIM in the game: disabled (1 - enabled, 0 - disabled)
  • sv_airaccelerate:10 Player speed during jump/fall (measured in units) (default value: 10)
  • sv_allowupload:1
  • sv_alltalk:0 The ability of both teams to talk to each other: disabled (1 - enabled, 0 - disabled)
  • sv_bounce:1
  • sv_cheats:0 Players console commands with cheats: disabled (1 - enabled, 0 - disabled)
  • sv_clienttrace:1
  • sv_contact:info@kgb-hosting.com Server admin contact information
  • sv_friction:4
  • sv_gravity:800 The force of gravity (default value: 800)
  • sv_logblocks:0
  • sv_maxrate:25000
  • sv_maxspeed:320 Max player speed (default value: 320)
  • sv_minrate:5000
  • sv_password:0 Password server access: disabled (1 - enabled, 0 - disabled)
  • sv_proxies:0 Ability to connect HLTV to the server: disabled (1 - enabled, 0 - disabled)
  • sv_restart:0
  • sv_restartround:0
  • sv_stepsize:18 Player step height (default value: 18)
  • sv_stopspeed:75 Player stop speed when moving on the surface (default value: 75)
  • sv_uploadmax:0.5
  • sv_voiceenable:1 Voice chat support: enabled (1 - enabled, 0 - disabled)
  • sv_wateraccelerate:10 Player acceleration when moving in water (default value: 10)
  • sv_waterfriction:1 Slowing down a player when moving in water: enabled (1 - enabled, 0 - disabled)
  • VTC_Version:2017RC3
  • _tutor_bomb_viewable_check_interval:0.5
  • _tutor_debug_level:0
  • _tutor_examine_time:0.5
  • _tutor_hint_interval_time:10.0
  • _tutor_look_angle:10
  • _tutor_look_distance:200
  • _tutor_message_character_display_time_coefficient:0.07
  • _tutor_message_minimum_display_time:1
  • _tutor_message_repeats:5
  • _tutor_view_distance:1000
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Server settings data was last updated on 5 September 2019 (269 дана 9 сати 32 минута пре)
Да ли желите да убаците овај сервер на свом веб сајту?

Добродошли на страницу сервера CS 1.6 [BlaBla] DM+HS FFA NEW IP: Овде ћете пронаћи све потребне информације на серверу [BlaBla] DM+HS FFA NEW IP: адресу сервера (, статистику сервера, најбоље играче, тренутну мапу сервера, статистику играча и картица на серверу, информације о администратору сервера. Ако вам се свиђа овај сервер, можете да му се свидите или га додате у своје фаворите. Желимо вам добру игру на серверу, повежите се:

Ако сте администратор сервера [BlaBla] DM+HS FFA NEW IP:, можете да приступите уређивању података о серверу, наведите податке за контакт и опис сервера. Ако ваш сервер има своју веб локацију, можете да уметнете видгет овог сервера на вашу веб локацију тако да посетиоци ваше веб локације могу да виде тренутне тренутне информације на серверу у реалном времену. Ову страницу можете делити и са другим људима и позвати их да им се свиде сервер на овој страници, ово ће вам помоћи да повећате вашу оцену у нашем врху сервера.