Counter-Strike 1.6 мастер-сервер

Да ли желите да ваш CS 1.6 има много добрих сервера за претрагу? Отишао си где треба!

Укратко о Counter-Strike 1.6 мастер серверима:
шта је и чему служи

The Counter-Strike 1.6 Master Server is a special server that the CS 1.6 game client on your computer accesses when you open the server search tab in the game. This master server gives your computer a list of CS 1.6 servers from its database (a list of IP addresses and ports) so that you can select a server from the list that you can go to and play.

Most often, when you install the game Counter-Strike 1.6 on your computer, in your client in the settings (in a file called MasterServers.vdf) the address of the master server is already registered, to which you need to connect to get a list of game servers. Optionally, you can specify any other master server in the MasterServers.vdf settings file. It may be desirable or necessary to do this, as various master servers may crash, freeze, or may have lists of game servers that are not interesting to you (few servers, or servers that do not suit you for the mods and maps you are interested in).

Можете користити главни сервер TsarMaster

Our master has its advantages: a large selection of servers from all over the world, for every taste, with any game mod and with almost any map. At the moment, we have 5'047 CS 1.6 in our database, which are played by 28'048 players on 1'425 maps. All servers are also available for viewing on our website in list of servers. Our site monitors game servers around the clock 24/7, ranking the best CS 1.6 servers on the Internet.

Скинути игрицу Counter-Strike 1.6

са инсталираним главним сервером TsarMaster.

Можете преузети игру CS 1.6 на свој рачунар са већ инсталираним главним сервером из Тсарвара. Ово је класична стабилна монтажа без вируса и свега сувишног. Након инсталирања игре на картици „Интернет“, имаћете приступ хиљадама врхунских сервера са нашег мониторинга за сваки укус и са било којим модом игре.

Скинути игрицу

Ручно конфигуришите главни сервер

Ручна замена датотеке MasterServers.vdf на рачунару

If you already have the game Counter-Strike 1.6 installed on your computer, you can replace the configuration file of the master server MasterServers.vdf in your game manually according to the instructions below. After completing these steps, your game will connect to our master server to get a list of game servers in the "Internet" tab.

Your computer may have several files with the settings of the master server in the game. The files may have different names, but they all have the same content and contain a list of master server addresses for connection. Let's say your game is in the C:\Games\Counter-Strike folder. On your computer, the game may be installed on a different drive or in a different folder, find the desired game folder Counter-Strike 1.6. Go through these files one by one, and if such files exist, replace them with the specified files from our site:

Replace file C:\Games\Counter-Strike\config\MasterServers.vdf with file MasterServers.vdf

Replace file C:\Games\Counter-Strike\config\rev_MasterServers.vdf with file rev_MasterServers.vdf

Replace file C:\Games\Counter-Strike\config\MasterServer2.vdf with file MasterServer2.vdf

Replace file C:\Games\Counter-Strike\platform\config\MasterServers.vdf with file MasterServers.vdf

Replace file C:\Games\Counter-Strike\platform\config\MasterServer2.vdf with file MasterServer2.vdf

[За Steam] Replace file C:\Program Files\Steam\config\MasterServers.vdf with file MasterServers.vdf

Можете преузети све датотеке у једној архиви и пренети датотеке из архиве у своју игру —
Ако не можете да замените ове датотеке, можете преузети Counter-Strike 1.6 са нашег сајта.