Download CS 1.6 game to your PC

TsarCS — unique advanced build of CS 1.6. The game has a monitoring system, you can use all the features of the Tsarvar system right in the game: find servers, maps, players, likes, add to favorites, write reviews about servers, share useful information about servers, and much more!


TsarCS is in BETA state. You can write your feedback or report a bug using this link.

TSARCS features

This project was developed in 2023 jointly by the Tsarvar and Next21 Team developers. It is based on a modern supported NextClient build, into which the Tsarvar system was integrated to enrich the build functionality with data and monitoring capabilities.

In game search — all online servers from Tsarvar monitoring (5400+)

Server statistics and rank, detailed server activity data.

Players search, top players, maps search, reviews, likes, favorites, etc.

Track your favorite servers outside of the game from your phone or PC on the Tsarvar website.

This is a modern developing project, and not a standard build for advertising.


Game screenshots are too boring. The only important thing is how our game build differs from others. That's why we made a demo where you can see what the game's start screen looks like. You can test this functionality to understand why our game build is unique and how it can be useful to you.

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серверски виџет

You can embed a widget for one or more servers in the left area of the game's start screen. This may be of interest to both server administrators and ordinary players: the widget displays up-to-date server information, and also displays server activity chart: what maps were there and who played in the last hours.

Just try it

Why choose TSARCS

Flexible server search by mods, maps, options, country, number of players, etc.

Detailed graphs, who played on the server at what time, what maps were on the server

Photo/screenshot galleries uploaded by server administrators

Add your server to monitoring straight from the game

View/specify description and other useful information about the server

Server blogs with news and useful information

Maps images in the server list. You can upload your own map images.

Find a server where you can buy or get a free VIP/privilege

Find by nickname where the player plays and connect to this server

The list of servers displays the real number of players without bots

Automatic game update when you launch it. Game improvement and bug fixes

Favorite servers and history are stored in your account in the cloud

Game and monitoring are supported by CS 1.6 enthusiasts and fans

The game is developing simultaneously with the regular development of Tsarvar monitoring