ZOMBIE BIOHAZARD [ZmBio.zapto.org] # www.zmbio.ro zmbio.zapto.org:27015

zmbio.zapto.org:27015 or

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1 day 16 hours 37 minutes

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#261 / 5239

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#15 / 256
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  • Is VIP access for sale on the server


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    5 EUR

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    Pentru informatii despre vip accesati: https://zmbio.ro/showthread.php?tid=244

Players reviews and ratings (8)

Total reviews: 8
2 April 2024
the best srv
23 March 2024
14 March 2024
Guerila Guerila
best of the best Please join ZmBio.zapto.org the best server in the world!!!
3 February 2024
carol :D carol :3
31 January 2024
Aurel-Mihai Barbulescu
the best and the most entertainment game ever
31 January 2024
22 January 2024
spincs spincs
Best BIOHAZARD server :)
13 January 2024
CAROL <3 caramell
Fav game!!!
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