[Viena]#1CS+DMVIP[SERVERAUSTRIA]#1 Server CS 1.6

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Server is offline since 4 January 2020 06:28 (334 dager 17 timer 14 minutter)

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334 dager 17 timer 14 minutter
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There is no information from the server administrator
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Nedlasting CS 1.6

Maps on the server:

Game time limit on the map 30 minutter
Game round duration 9 minutter

Additional server information:

  • Server added to monitoring 27 February 2019
  • Last request to server 25 July 2020 23:36 (131 dager 6 minutter siden)
  • Server game description Counter-Strike
  • Server game protocol 47
  • Server operating system Linux
  • Anti-cheat system on the server VAC
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  • allow_spectators:1.0 The maximum number of spectators in the game
  • amxmodx_version:
  • amx_client_languages:1
  • amx_language:en
  • amx_nextmap:de_snow
  • amx_timeleft:08:45
  • antidlfile_version:1.4
  • coop:0
  • deathmatch:1
  • decalfrequency:60 Time lapse between player using graffiti: 1 minutt (number of seconds) (default value: 60)
  • dp_version:0.9.87
  • edgefriction:2
  • hostage_debug:0
  • hostage_stop:0
  • humans_join_team:any
  • jtp10181:ff
  • max_queries_sec:1
  • max_queries_sec_global:1
  • max_queries_window:1
  • metamod_version:1.19p32
  • mp_allowmonsters:0
  • mp_autokick:0 Automatic player kick for server inactivity (AFK): disabled (1 - enabled, 0 - disabled)
  • mp_autoteambalance:1 Automatic balancing of player teams: enabled (1 - enabled, 0 - disabled)
  • mp_buytime:9 Time to purchase weapons at the beginning of the round: 9 minutter (number of minutes)
  • mp_c4timer:35 Time before a bomb explodes after it is installed: 35 seconds (number of seconds) (default value: 45)
  • mp_chattime:8 The time after the end of the map, during which players can write chat messages: 8 seconds (number of seconds) (default value: 10)
  • mp_consistency:0
  • mp_fadetoblack:0 Darkening a player’s screen after death: disabled (1 - enabled, 0 - disabled)
  • mp_flashlight:1 Using a flashlight in the game: enabled (1 - enabled, 0 - disabled)
  • mp_footsteps:1 Steps audibility: enabled (1 - enabled, 0 - disabled)
  • mp_forcecamera:0
  • mp_forcechasecam:0
  • mp_fragsleft:0
  • mp_freezetime:0 The duration of freezing players on the respawn at the beginning of the round: 0 seconds (number of seconds)
  • mp_friendlyfire:0 Friendly fire: disabled (1 - enabled, 0 - disabled)
  • mp_ghostfrequency:0.1
  • mp_hostagepenalty:0 The number of hostages a player can kill before being kicked out of the server (A value of 0 disables the restriction)
  • mp_kickpercent:0.66 Percentage of players needed to kick a player: 0.66% (measured as a percentage (0 - 0%, 1 - 100%))
  • mp_limitteams:1
  • mp_logdetail:3
  • mp_logfile:1
  • mp_logmessages:1
  • mp_mapvoteratio:0.66 Number of players votes for a map change: 0.66% (measured as a percentage (0 - 0%, 1 - 100%))
  • mp_maxrounds:0 The maximum number of rounds of the game on the map
  • mp_mirrordamage:0
  • mp_playerid:0
  • mp_roundtime:9 Game round duration: 9 minutter (number of minutes)
  • mp_startmoney:800 The initial amount of money in the first round
  • mp_timeleft:0
  • mp_timelimit:30 Game time limit on the map: 30 minutter (number of minutes)
  • mp_tkpunish:0 Killing a player at the beginning of the next round if he killed an ally: disabled (1 - enabled, 0 - disabled)
  • mp_windifference:1
  • mp_winlimit:0 The maximum number of victories per team, upon reaching which there is a change of map (A value of 0 disables the restriction)
  • pausable:0
  • sv_accelerate:5 Player acceleration (default value: 5)
  • sv_aim:0 Using AIM in the game: disabled (1 - enabled, 0 - disabled)
  • sv_airaccelerate:100 Player speed during jump/fall (measured in units) (default value: 10)
  • sv_airmove:1
  • sv_allowupload:1
  • sv_alltalk:0 The ability of both teams to talk to each other: disabled (1 - enabled, 0 - disabled)
  • sv_bounce:1
  • sv_cheats:0 Players console commands with cheats: disabled (1 - enabled, 0 - disabled)
  • sv_clienttrace:1.0
  • sv_clipmode:0
  • _tutor_bomb_viewable_check_interval:0.5
  • _tutor_debug_level:0
  • _tutor_examine_time:0.5
  • _tutor_hint_interval_time:10.0
  • _tutor_look_angle:10
  • _tutor_look_distance:200
  • _tutor_message_character_display_time_coefficient:0.07
  • _tutor_message_minimum_display_time:1
  • _tutor_message_repeats:5
  • _tutor_view_distance:1000
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Server settings data was last updated on 11 December 2019 (358 dager 9 timer 58 minutter siden)

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