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Map files
de_dttcorp_4.bsp 7.5MB
bamboo_path001.vmt 534B
dire_base.vmt 526B
dire_lava.vmt 565B
dirt_path001.vmt 530B
dirt_path002.vmt 234B
goodbad_path001.vmt 505B
goodbad_path002.vmt 501B
goodbad_river001.vmt 523B
goodside_garden.vmt 530B
goodside_garden_path.vmt 503B
goodside_garden_path_angled.vmt 506B
mid_bottom_radiant001.vmt 501B
oak_base001.vmt 284B
pine_base001.vmt 497B
river001.vmt 537B
river002.vmt 537B
rockwalls_dire.vmt 487B
rockwalls_radiant.vmt 465B
rockwalls_radiant_dry.vmt 472B
roots_heavy001.vmt 494B
roots_heavy001_straight.vmt 494B
roots_heavy001_straightbottom.vmt 492B
roots_leaves001.vmt 535B
roots_path001.vmt 534B
roots_path002.vmt 511B
stone_path001.vmt 522B
stone_path001_crystals.vmt 483B
stone_path001_horizontal.vmt 501B
stone_path001_vertical.vmt 496B
stone_path002.vmt 532B
stone_path003.vmt 529B
stone_path004.vmt 496B
stone_path004b.vmt 529B
stone_path005.vmt 531B
stone_path006.vmt 529B
stone_path007.vmt 529B
stone_path008.vmt 520B
stone_path009.vmt 510B
stone_path010.vmt 511B
stone_path011.vmt 510B
stone_path012.vmt 502B
stone_path013.vmt 504B
trench_dire000.vmt 479B
a1.vmt 315B
a1.vtf 2.7MB
a2.vmt 316B
a2.vtf 2.7MB
a3.vmt 319B
a3.vtf 2.7MB
ad_1.vmt 588B
ad_1.vtf 1.3MB
ad_1_normal.vtf 1.3MB
bglass_1.vmt 551B
bglass_1.vtf 1.5KB
burned1.vmt 183B
burned1.vtf 5.5KB
bwkserver_1.vmt 312B
bwksfloor_1.vtf 5.3MB
bwksfloor_1_normal.vtf 5.3MB
bwksfloor_2.vmt 377B
bwksfloor_2.vtf 1.3MB
bwksframe_1.vmt 389B
bwksframe_1.vtf 341.4KB
bwksframe_1_normal.vtf 341.4KB
bwkstile_1.vmt 301B
bwkstile_1.vtf 1.3MB
bwkstile_1_normal.vtf 5.3MB
bwkstile_2.vmt 314B
bwkstile_2.vtf 1.3MB
bwkstile_3.vmt 316B
bwkstile_3.vtf 1.3MB
bwkswall_2.vmt 385B
bwkswall_2.vtf 682.8KB
bwkswall_2_normal.vtf 682.8KB
cam_1.vmt 508B
cam_1.vtf 5.3MB
cam_1_normal.vtf 1.3MB
chair_1.vmt 514B
chair_1.vtf 341.5KB
chair_1_normal.vtf 341.5KB
door_1.vmt 491B
door_1.vtf 1.3MB
door_1_normal.vtf 1.3MB
fol_1.vmt 455B
fol_1.vtf 341.5KB
fol_1_normal.vtf 341.5KB
h15.vmt 157B
h15.vtf 85.6KB
h8.vmt 158B
h8.vtf 1.3MB
keysiv_vendingm.vmt 566B
keysiv_vendingm_Di.vtf 1.3MB
keysiv_vendingm_N.vtf 1.3MB
keysiv_vendingm_a.vmt 559B
keysiv_vendingm_a_D.vtf 21.6KB
keysiv_vendingm_a_N.vtf 21.6KB
kswall_1.vmt 497B
kswall_1.vtf 1.3MB
kswall_1_normal.vtf 1.3MB
kswall_2.vmt 512B
kswall_2.vtf 1.3MB
kswall_2_normal.vtf 341.6KB
luminar_1.vmt 573B
luminar_1.vtf 1.3MB
luminar_1_normal.vtf 1.3MB
main_armor_lightwarp.vtf 16.1KB
main_armor_phongwarp.vtf 16.1KB
pilier_1.vmt 516B
pilier_1.vtf 1.3MB
pilier_1_normal.vtf 21.5KB
rtdoor_1.vmt 500B
rtdoor_1.vtf 5.3MB
rtdoor_1_normal.vtf 1.3MB
server_1.vtf 21.3MB
server_1_normal.vtf 1.3MB
step_1.vmt 497B
step_1.vtf 2.7MB
step_1_normal.vtf 2.7MB
table_1.vmt 475B
table_1.vtf 1.3MB
table_1_normal.vtf 1.3MB
sand_1.vtf 21.3MB
sand_2.vtf 21.3MB
arch_1.vmt 558B
arch_1.vtf 4.0MB
blank.vmt 72B
blank.vtf 2.7MB
blendgrass_canyon_tooltexture.vtf 682.9KB
brick_1.vmt 483B
brick_1.vtf 682.9KB
brick_1_normal.vtf 5.3MB
charette.vmt 560B
charette.vtf 5.3MB
curtain_1.vmt 86B
curtain_1.vtf 1.0MB
dirt_1.vtf 4.0MB
dirt_1_normal.vtf 4.0MB
dirt_grass_1.vmt 234B
dirt_grass_1.vtf 4.0MB
filler_1.vmt 367B
filler_1.vtf 1.5KB
floor_1.vmt 408B
floor_1.vtf 1.3MB
floor_1_normal.vtf 1.3MB
grass_1.vtf 4.0MB
maison_1.vmt 558B
maison_1.vtf 4.0MB
mur_1.vmt 370B
mur_1.vtf 5.3MB
mur_2.vmt 309B
mur_2.vtf 5.3MB
mur_2_normal.vtf 5.3MB
paille_1.vmt 428B
paille_1.vtf 5.3MB
paille_1_normal.vtf 5.3MB
puit.vmt 556B
puit.vtf 5.3MB
rock_1.vmt 485B
roof_1.vmt 554B
roof_1.vtf 1.3MB
roof_1_normal.vtf 1.3MB
roof_2.vmt 424B
roof_2.vtf 1.3MB
roof_2_normal.vtf 1.3MB
wall_1.vmt 409B
wall_1.vtf 1.3MB
wall_1_normal.vtf 682.9KB
window_1.vmt 546B
window_1.vtf 341.5KB
window_1_refract.vmt 218B
window_1_refract.vtf 170.9KB
wood_1.vmt 424B
wood_1.vtf 5.3MB
wood_1_normal.vtf 5.3MB
wood_2.vmt 411B
wood_2.vtf 4.0MB
wood_3.vmt 411B
wood_3.vtf 5.3MB
wood_4.vmt 408B
wood_4.vtf 2.0MB
wood_floor_1.vmt 418B
wood_floor_1.vtf 1.3MB
wood_floor_1_normal.vtf 1.3MB
wood_floor_2.vmt 421B
wood_floor_2.vtf 1.3MB
wood_plank_1.vmt 436B
wood_plank_1.vtf 682.9KB
ad_1.dx80.vtx 3.4KB
ad_1.dx90.vtx 3.4KB
ad_1.mdl 1.7KB
ad_1.sw.vtx 3.4KB
ad_1.vvd 15.3KB
bed_1.dx80.vtx 26.4KB
bed_1.dx90.vtx 26.4KB
bed_1.mdl 1.7KB
bed_1.phy 1.8KB
bed_1.sw.vtx 26.4KB
bed_1.vvd 117.3KB
bench_1.dx80.vtx 675B
bench_1.dx90.vtx 675B
bench_1.mdl 1.7KB
bench_1.sw.vtx 675B
bench_1.vvd 2.7KB
bglass_1.dx80.vtx 2.8KB
bglass_1.dx90.vtx 2.8KB
bglass_1.mdl 1.7KB
bglass_1.sw.vtx 2.8KB
bglass_1.vvd 10.1KB
bmetal_1.dx80.vtx 6.7KB
bmetal_1.dx90.vtx 6.7KB
bmetal_1.mdl 1.7KB
bmetal_1.sw.vtx 6.7KB
bmetal_1.vvd 26.4KB
cam_1.dx80.vtx 12.3KB
cam_1.dx90.vtx 12.3KB
cam_1.mdl 2.9KB
cam_1.sw.vtx 12.3KB
cam_1.vvd 51.6KB
ceil_1.dx80.vtx 639B
ceil_1.dx90.vtx 639B
ceil_1.mdl 1.7KB
ceil_1.sw.vtx 639B
ceil_1.vvd 2.2KB
chair_1.dx80.vtx 5.3KB
chair_1.dx90.vtx 5.3KB
chair_1.mdl 1.7KB
chair_1.phy 3.2KB
chair_1.sw.vtx 5.2KB
chair_1.vvd 19.9KB
console_1.dx80.vtx 20.0KB
console_1.dx90.vtx 20.0KB
console_1.mdl 1.7KB
console_1.sw.vtx 20.0KB
console_1.vvd 96.6KB
cover_1.dx80.vtx 9.0KB
cover_1.dx90.vtx 9.0KB
cover_1.mdl 2.5KB
cover_1.sw.vtx 9.0KB
cover_1.vvd 28.8KB
cover_2.dx80.vtx 10.8KB
cover_2.dx90.vtx 10.8KB
cover_2.mdl 2.5KB
cover_2.sw.vtx 10.8KB
cover_2.vvd 34.2KB
distri_1.dx80.vtx 84.4KB
distri_1.dx90.vtx 84.4KB
distri_1.mdl 2.3KB
distri_1.sw.vtx 84.4KB
distri_1.vvd 427.3KB
door_1.dx80.vtx 7.4KB
door_1.dx90.vtx 7.4KB
door_1.mdl 1.7KB
door_1.phy 701B
door_1.sw.vtx 7.4KB
door_1.vvd 36.8KB
door_1b.dx80.vtx 57.0KB
door_1b.dx90.vtx 57.0KB
door_1b.mdl 1.7KB
door_1b.sw.vtx 57.0KB
door_1b.vvd 330.8KB
door_1c.dx80.vtx 45.6KB
door_1c.dx90.vtx 45.6KB
door_1c.mdl 1.7KB
door_1c.sw.vtx 45.6KB
door_1c.vvd 264.8KB
fol_1.dx80.vtx 42.0KB
fol_1.dx90.vtx 41.7KB
fol_1.mdl 14.6KB
fol_1.sw.vtx 41.6KB
fol_1.vvd 180.1KB
fx1.dx80.vtx 11.2KB
fx1.dx90.vtx 11.2KB
fx1.mdl 1.9KB
fx1.sw.vtx 11.2KB
fx1.vvd 52.8KB
gen_1.dx80.vtx 70.4KB
gen_1.dx90.vtx 70.4KB
gen_1.mdl 1.7KB
gen_1.sw.vtx 70.4KB
gen_1.vvd 304.4KB
gl_1.dx80.vtx 47.4KB
gl_1.dx90.vtx 47.4KB
gl_1.mdl 5.3KB
gl_1.sw.vtx 47.4KB
gl_1.vvd 160.2KB
holo_1.dx80.vtx 241.9KB
holo_1.dx90.vtx 241.9KB
holo_1.mdl 3.8KB
holo_1.sw.vtx 241.9KB
holo_1.vvd 801.2KB
inter_1.dx80.vtx 3.2KB
inter_1.dx90.vtx 3.2KB
inter_1.mdl 1.7KB
inter_1.sw.vtx 3.2KB
inter_1.vvd 15.3KB
ksfloor_1.dx80.vtx 969B
ksfloor_1.dx90.vtx 969B
ksfloor_1.mdl 1.7KB
ksfloor_1.sw.vtx 969B
ksfloor_1.vvd 4.3KB
ksfloor_1_45.dx80.vtx 11.8KB
ksfloor_1_45.dx90.vtx 11.8KB
ksfloor_1_45.mdl 1.7KB
ksfloor_1_45.sw.vtx 11.8KB
ksfloor_1_45.vvd 49.9KB
ksfloor_1c.dx80.vtx 969B
ksfloor_1c.dx90.vtx 969B
ksfloor_1c.mdl 1.7KB
ksfloor_1c.sw.vtx 969B
ksfloor_1c.vvd 4.3KB
ksfloor_2_45.dx80.vtx 11.8KB
ksfloor_2_45.dx90.vtx 11.8KB
ksfloor_2_45.mdl 1.7KB
ksfloor_2_45.sw.vtx 11.8KB
ksfloor_2_45.vvd 49.9KB
kswall_1.dx80.vtx 17.6KB
kswall_1.dx90.vtx 17.6KB
kswall_1.mdl 1.7KB
kswall_1.sw.vtx 17.6KB
kswall_1.vvd 87.3KB
kswall_1_45.dx80.vtx 7.0KB
kswall_1_45.dx90.vtx 7.0KB
kswall_1_45.mdl 1.7KB
kswall_1_45.sw.vtx 7.0KB
kswall_1_45.vvd 26.6KB
kswall_1_45r.dx80.vtx 7.0KB
kswall_1_45r.dx90.vtx 7.0KB
kswall_1_45r.mdl 1.7KB
kswall_1_45r.sw.vtx 7.0KB
kswall_1_45r.vvd 26.6KB
kswall_1_64.dx80.vtx 7.0KB
kswall_1_64.dx90.vtx 7.0KB
kswall_1_64.mdl 1.7KB
kswall_1_64.sw.vtx 7.0KB
kswall_1_64.vvd 26.6KB
kswall_1_clean.dx80.vtx 2.0KB
kswall_1_clean.dx90.vtx 2.0KB
kswall_1_clean.mdl 1.7KB
kswall_1_clean.sw.vtx 2.0KB
kswall_1_clean.vvd 8.9KB
kswall_2.dx80.vtx 429B
kswall_2.dx90.vtx 429B
kswall_2.mdl 1.7KB
kswall_2.sw.vtx 429B
kswall_2.vvd 1.6KB
lum_2.dx80.vtx 6.7KB
lum_2.dx90.vtx 6.7KB
lum_2.mdl 1.7KB
lum_2.sw.vtx 6.7KB
lum_2.vvd 28.8KB
luminar_1.dx80.vtx 6.7KB
luminar_1.dx90.vtx 6.7KB
luminar_1.mdl 1.7KB
luminar_1.sw.vtx 6.7KB
luminar_1.vvd 29.7KB
ms_1.dx80.vtx 19.5KB
ms_1.dx90.vtx 19.5KB
ms_1.mdl 1.7KB
ms_1.phy 2.6KB
ms_1.sw.vtx 19.5KB
ms_1.vvd 87.5KB
op_1.dx80.vtx 34.3KB
op_1.dx90.vtx 34.3KB
op_1.mdl 1.7KB
op_1.sw.vtx 34.3KB
op_1.vvd 143.8KB
op_2.dx80.vtx 34.3KB
op_2.dx90.vtx 34.3KB
op_2.mdl 1.7KB
op_2.sw.vtx 34.3KB
op_2.vvd 143.8KB
pilier_1.dx80.vtx 7.6KB
pilier_1.dx90.vtx 7.6KB
pilier_1.mdl 1.7KB
pilier_1.sw.vtx 7.6KB
pilier_1.vvd 34.4KB
pot_1.dx80.vtx 9.4KB
pot_1.dx90.vtx 9.4KB
pot_1.mdl 1.7KB
pot_1.sw.vtx 9.4KB
pot_1.vvd 42.1KB
rg.dx80.vtx 249.2KB
rg.dx90.vtx 249.2KB
rg.mdl 1.7KB
rg.sw.vtx 249.2KB
rg.vvd 1.4MB
rtdoor_1.dx80.vtx 11.7KB
rtdoor_1.dx90.vtx 11.7KB
rtdoor_1.mdl 1.7KB
rtdoor_1.phy 2.6KB
rtdoor_1.sw.vtx 11.7KB
rtdoor_1.vvd 54.1KB
rtdoor_2.dx80.vtx 12.6KB
rtdoor_2.dx90.vtx 12.6KB
rtdoor_2.mdl 1.7KB
rtdoor_2.sw.vtx 12.6KB
rtdoor_2.vvd 57.8KB
sky.dx80.vtx 99.3KB
sky.dx90.vtx 99.3KB
sky.mdl 40.9KB
sky.sw.vtx 99.3KB
sky.vvd 313.4KB
sky3d.dx80.vtx 99.3KB
sky3d.dx90.vtx 99.3KB
sky3d.mdl 40.9KB
sky3d.sw.vtx 99.3KB
sky3d.vvd 313.4KB
step_1.dx80.vtx 381B
step_1.dx90.vtx 381B
step_1.mdl 1.7KB
step_1.sw.vtx 381B
step_1.vvd 1.3KB
table_1.dx80.vtx 1.9KB
table_1.dx90.vtx 1.9KB
table_1.mdl 1.7KB
table_1.phy 2.6KB
table_1.sw.vtx 1.9KB
table_1.vvd 9.6KB
tn_1.dx80.vtx 30.8KB
tn_1.dx90.vtx 30.8KB
tn_1.mdl 1.7KB
tn_1.phy 2.2KB
tn_1.sw.vtx 30.8KB
tn_1.vvd 128.0KB
window_1.dx80.vtx 15.5KB
window_1.dx90.vtx 15.5KB
window_1.mdl 1.7KB
window_1.sw.vtx 15.5KB
window_1.vvd 78.2KB
window_1_a.dx80.vtx 15.5KB
window_1_a.dx90.vtx 15.5KB
window_1_a.mdl 3.2KB
window_1_a.sw.vtx 15.5KB
window_1_a.vvd 78.2KB
window_1_c.dx80.vtx 15.5KB
window_1_c.dx90.vtx 15.5KB
window_1_c.mdl 1.7KB
window_1_c.sw.vtx 15.5KB
window_1_c.vvd 78.2KB
arch_1.dx80.vtx 11.1KB
arch_1.dx90.vtx 11.1KB
arch_1.mdl 1.7KB
arch_1.sw.vtx 11.1KB
arch_1.vvd 47.3KB
charette.dx80.vtx 79.3KB
charette.dx90.vtx 79.3KB
charette.mdl 1.7KB
charette.sw.vtx 79.3KB
charette.vvd 364.4KB
curtain_1.dx80.vtx 939B
curtain_1.dx90.vtx 939B
curtain_1.mdl 1.7KB
curtain_1.sw.vtx 939B
curtain_1.vvd 3.4KB
fnet_1.dx80.vtx 5.9KB
fnet_1.dx90.vtx 5.9KB
fnet_1.mdl 1.7KB
fnet_1.sw.vtx 5.9KB
fnet_1.vvd 26.3KB
frame_1.dx80.vtx 12.5KB
frame_1.dx90.vtx 12.5KB
frame_1.mdl 1.7KB
frame_1.sw.vtx 12.5KB
frame_1.vvd 56.2KB
frame_128_16.dx80.vtx 1.7KB
frame_128_16.dx90.vtx 1.7KB
frame_128_16.mdl 1.7KB
frame_128_16.sw.vtx 1.7KB
frame_128_16.vvd 7.2KB
maison_1.dx80.vtx 43.4KB
maison_1.dx90.vtx 43.4KB
maison_1.mdl 1.7KB
maison_1.sw.vtx 43.4KB
maison_1.vvd 195.5KB
mur_1.dx80.vtx 33.4KB
mur_1.dx90.vtx 33.4KB
mur_1.mdl 1.7KB
mur_1.sw.vtx 33.4KB
mur_1.vvd 173.5KB
puit.dx80.vtx 70.2KB
puit.dx90.vtx 70.2KB
puit.mdl 1.7KB
puit.sw.vtx 70.2KB
puit.vvd 323.8KB
roof_1.dx80.vtx 7.5KB
roof_1.dx90.vtx 7.5KB
roof_1.mdl 1.7KB
roof_1.sw.vtx 7.5KB
roof_1.vvd 39.1KB
skydome.dx80.vtx 10.9KB
skydome.dx90.vtx 10.9KB
skydome.mdl 1.7KB
skydome.sw.vtx 10.9KB
skydome.vvd 35.1KB
window_1.dx80.vtx 3.4KB
window_1.dx90.vtx 3.4KB
window_1.mdl 1.7KB
window_1.sw.vtx 3.4KB
window_1.vvd 17.1KB