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Empyre*HOPE*'s Little Server Fortress 1.5 DUSTBOWL or VOTE discord.gg/9FDbyxB[TFC-R.org] Terrum's Concmap Server | epichosts.co.uk Central! 300+ Maps w/ voting; no bots!|Original Maps Vote Custom's - Lotsa Bowl Maps (CO Srvr) discord.gg/tfpugs CENTRAL R2 - 70 Wasteland - Classic Maps [SEA/ENG] Battleground #4 - Standard Map Cycle Battleground #5 - 24/7 Badlands Battleground #6 - 24/7 Dustbowl Battleground #7 - 24/7 Warpath Battleground #1 - 24/7 Rock2 Battleground #3 - 24/7 2Fort Battleground #2 - 24/7 Well Dark Room TFC TFC 4v4 TFC 2v2 TFC REVIVAL[IOD]PLANETIODINE discord.gg/tfpugs WEST | TFC - Old Foldy's Basement' BotServer Bots vs. Humans Concs 1.5's NeoTF Battleground Hive - Fresh Nectar Mappers discord.gg/tfpugs EAST - Conc & DM Server | Multiskillz | FASTDL Bot Server 24/7 (dev)'s Concers discord.gg/tfpugs SOUTHEAST conc, rockets, pipes and more - RolePlay Server Climb London (discord.gg/zqzFxPffxd) Team Fortress Classic (taplink.cc/devvault)[GER][TFC] BornPiece.com | 2Fort-only Bot Server 24/7: Bots vs Humans] Dustbowl 24/7 #1] 2fort 24/7 #1] 2fort 24/7 #2] Dustbowl 24/7 #2 BOTS MOVED Fortress classic aus 1 macanah.mooo.com the Server - Low Gravity -AWS- beta TFC Server of Conc [BHOP | map vote | fastDL]'s NeoTF Server's ~ MURDERBALL or VOTE ~ of Existence | 2FortSniper 24/7's Den Of Wolves - Soldier Arena / DM - The Cherub's Magical Mystery Cactus's House of Grind ass_dm and TFPug maps (R.T.V.) is Back WORLDS BEST skill Server NON STEAM WELCOME TFC 2fort 24/7's 2fort or vote (bhop, no bots) Team Fortress Classic szervere | https://szondi. - EntMod FUN Server (US, New York) Argieland discord.gg/SKZDXS6nHm - [FM] Test Server Realms[APG] - TFC Rat Rampage [Stats|Hook] - TFC games.goldsrcsaturdays.com:27016LazyPurple's TFC - [FM] Fun Server[EVIL]- Battlezone-X Team Server[D.v.S] Clan Server[APG] - TFC Fun House [FastDL|RTV] eu.apg-clan.org:27100[APG] - TFC Dust4Ever [Stats] eu.apg-clan.org:27030IsF-Clan.com TFC Server#1[Senser.tw]TFC (Taiwan) Fortress 1.5[TFC-R.org] Terrum's FLiP SiDe Server | epichosts.co.uk[TFC-R.org] Terrum's AdminOP Server | epichosts.co.uk[TFC-R.org] Terrum's NeoTF Server | epichosts.co.uk - Classic Server (EU, Nurnberg) server.maxcommunity.net:27185[TFC-R.org] Terrum's FUN Server | epichosts.co.uk[APG] - TFC Battle Fortress [Stats|FastDL] eu.apg-clan.org:27020OldSchool TFC - Attack/Defend/Fun maps. No Bots. Voting's Batcave: Home of the BROS - TFC Server[TFC-R.org] Terrum's Nao (Night) Only Server | epichosts.co.uk© ORIGINAL TEAM FORTRESS Vasey tfc.roystonvasey.org.uk:27015Drippy's: newb haven (no bots,anti-bhop)[TFC-R.org] Terrum's Sniper Server | epichosts.co.uk [ Dexterity's NYC Downtown Smokeout ] - [ Public Play ] -