Free TFC server boost

If you are interested in free boost / advertisement of TFC server, you can take part in our simple interesting program. Bring new users to our site or invite other people to download the game from our site. In return, we will advertise your TFC server on our site. If you are interested in getting a free boost to your Team Fortress Classic server, read the terms of cooperation below.

How it works

For each registered user, a conditional $0.10 will be charged

For each user who downloaded the game from our site will be charged conditional $0.20

You can exchange the conditional amount for a promo code and pay for server advertising in full or in part


I'm interested

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After authorization, you will see on this page your personal account with all the necessary information to participate in this program.

Warnings and restrictions

You can share referral links only with those who are potentially interested in it. It is unacceptable to be offered to register or download the game to those who have nothing to do with the theme of our site.
You cannot use SPAM, mailing lists, iframes, popups, as well as illegal methods in your methods for distributing referral links. Also, you cannot post your links where it is forbidden to do so, and on sites that host illegal content.
You must strictly abide by the terms of use of our site. For violation of the rules, the user account may be blocked.
Program conditions may change, the program may be suspended unilaterally without notifying the program participant.