Last added Team Fortress Classic servers

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LadyWolf's Den Of Wolves - Mulch or Vote! |[EVIL]- Battlezone-X[ES] TFC - CoMuNiDaD FiGHTiNG HeLLFiSH{Surls} Team Fortress Classic SERIOUS BUSINESS TFC - RolePlay Server's Batcave: Home of the BROS[ H R C ] SNIPER HIDEOUT[APG] - TFC Skills [FastDL|1000FPS!] - TFC online Fri,Sat,Sun. Vasey - Dust4Ever [FF On] - Powered by [APG] Climb vanilla TFC Test[] Terrum's Nao (Night) Only Server | TFC (private server for buddies)[ *pS SERVER ][ CTF - ADL - DM ][ FAST DL! ] TFC Server.#1[EVIL]- Sniperzone [A Neccessary Evil][EVIL]- Skillz |Like magic!| of Conc [BHOP | map vote | fastDL] Baked .420🇪🇺 | free TFC lessons[EVIL]- Low Grav -Get Your Float On!!-[EVIL]- Fun / Adventure© ORIGINAL TEAM FORTRESS Vasey (no speed limit except dustbowl like maps) DUSTBOWL or VOTE! Central! 300+ Maps w/ voting; no bots! - [FM] Fun Server BotServer Bots vs Humans Baked .420 [Public Play]'s 2fort: Slightly Unhinged (antibhop,no bots)[] Terrum's Sniper Server |'s Duel Map Testing Facility