Last added Team Fortress Classic servers

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1999 TFC Original Maps Realistic BotsvsHumans[EVIL]- Battlezone-X Dog House: Human(R) vs Bots(B) DUSTBOWL OR RTV - BETA[GER|GTX] GermanTaktiX Server#1[][UK] 2fort/Well Bots/Stats/FF off Team Server[D.v.S] Clan Server Climb - RolePlay Server[APG] - TFC Skills [FastDL|RTV][APG] - TFC Dust4Ever [Stats] - TFC Nothing Special (except the maps!!) of Existence | 2FortSniper 24/7's NeoTF Server TFC Server#1 - Classic Server (US, Chicago) New Server is Born Dump: Where the Community Can Learn! Team Server | Multiskillz | FASTDL[]TFC (Taiwan) EU TFC[] Terrum's FLiP SiDe Server |[] Terrum's AdminOP Server |[] Terrum's NeoTF Server | - Classic Server (EU, Falkenstein)[] Terrum's FUN Server |[APG] - TFC Battle Fortress [Stats|FastDL]'s TFC BotServer Bots vs Humans TFC - Attack/Defend/Fun maps. No Bots. Voting's Batcave: Home of the BROS - TFC, online Thur - Sun[] Terrum's Nao (Night) Only Server |© ORIGINAL TEAM FORTRESS Vasey - [FM] Fun Server Baked .420 [ Public Play ]'s 2fort: newb haven (antibhop,no bots)[] Terrum's Sniper Server | [ Dexterity's NYC Downtown Smokeout ] - [ Public Play ] -