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$0.35/ day (24hours)
This service is an additional option for boosting services of BOOST, TURBO PRO and PREMIUM GOLD servers. You can select this option on the order page of the server promotion.
Your server will be higher than the other servers in the servers search page from a certain country (country of your server).
Discount for the first promotion
You will receive a discount on the first order for each of your server
* For service "BOOST" 5% maximum
15% – 30%
Discount for a long promotion
from 5 days – 15%, from 10 days – 20%, from 15 days – 25%, from 20 days – 30%
* For service "BOOST" 10% maximum
10% – 50%
Discount for the next promotion
After order paying you will receive a promo code for the next order
* Depends on the services and duration


How it will look and work

  • 0.3.7-R2 Empire Role Play | Updated 0.6 0/777 UA 0.3.7-R2
  • MTA Province #7 [gtaprovince.ru] 79/815 RU
  • 1.8 +||❄||+ SKYREALMS.GAMES ✦ [1.8▬1.16] +||❄||+ 2/750 US 1.8 play.skyrealms.games:25565
  • SideMC.net - Игровые MineCraft сервера с модами | Скачай наш лаунчер! 326/600 US sidemc.net:25565
  • 0.3.7 FZ Roleplay [BR] Rol em portuguГЄs 448/800 CA 0.3.7
Сountry top
— An example of how a server with this service will be displayed in the servers top list. Shown on the example of the first server in an arbitrary list of servers (for the demonstration, the servers are chosen randomly).

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