About paid services on the site

How do paid services work on the site?

Promotion/boost/server advertising — paid services on the site to attract the attention of site users and potential players. Paid services (depending on the selected service and additional options for services):

— put ("raise") the server to the top places in the list of servers on the site,
— place the server in special VIP blocks on the site,
— highlight server blocks with the selected color in the server list,
— allocate server blocks with various decorative elements in the server list,
— allow you to place a text message in the server block in the server list.

Paid services allow you to place your server on the most visible and popular places of the site. Thus, visitors to our site (who visit our site in search of servers) can pay attention to your server and connect to your server for the game.

Our site does not provide services of "forced" referral of users and players to your server. Our services mean only advertising of your servers on our site. Our site has nothing to do with server promotion services using dishonest and dubious methods.

On the pages of all paid services you can find a description of the services and the principle of their operation.

About the effectiveness of services and possible claims against us

Friends! By ordering services on our site, you accept the terms of use of the site. Thousands of users visit our site daily, but we cannot guarantee a specific service result, since the effectiveness of any advertising, as you understand, depends on the interest of users in the servers. We can only give advice: a lot depends on the attractiveness of the name of your server and on the popularity of maps on your servers. Thank you and wish you success!

After payment for services, a refund is not possible.

Demonstration of the work of paid services

We have developed special functionality so that you can clearly see the demonstration of how paid services work on our website. On the page of each paid service there is a block "Demonstration" detailing and demonstrating the operation of the service. This functionality was also developed so that our customers do not have any misunderstandings regarding how the service will work for their server on our website.

About our site and its traffic

Currently, our site is visited by about 12`000 - 15`000 visitors per day (about 50`000 - 70`000 site views per day). Our site has organic traffic. Most users access our site from search engines (users look for servers for the game, maps for the game, and other information related to the game servers). We do not use questionable methods of attracting traffic for our site.