Add Rust server to monitoring

Hey, guys! You can add your own Rust server on this page for monitoring on our web site without any pay and registration.

It doesn’t matter if you gonna add your own server or favorite one where you enjoy playing with friends. We glad to see here everyone: server hosts or just players. It’s easy: enter server address, click “Add” and from that moment server will be added on monitoring.

There are other profits: you’ll get the chance to observe your server statistics, server rating, share personal server link and etc. We really hope we could help you to promote your server in the web. Good luck!

Add server

Example: (IP+port) or (domain+port)
If you server has domain you’d better put it instead of IP-address. In case your domain won’t be working, we continue monitoring your server by last defined IP-address, players will also see your IP instead of broken domain.