Referral Program
«Make Money with Us»

Refer customers to order our services to promote Counter-Strike servers
and make a profit to 10% from their orders to your account!


How it works

Bring new customers to the site via your affiliate link

Get charges up to 10% from the orders of the clients you led

Payments rewards within 10 business days to your WebMoney account

Earn by bringing in other partners

The affiliate program has two referral levels: also bring other people into our affiliate program and get up to 5% from customer orders brought by your partners. Simply share a special referral link with people who might also be interested in making money on attracting customers.

Read the agreement of the affiliate program for full details on the partnership.

Join the program

Are you interested in working with us? It's time to start! Join the program and get your affiliate link, where you can bring customers and make a profit from their orders.


After connecting to the program, you will see on this page all the necessary information on your affiliate account, including your affiliate link. On the same page, information on charges and functionality for withdrawing funds to your WebMoney account will be displayed.

Warnings and restrictions

You can share the affiliate link only with potential customers of our services. Please read carefully our services. It is unacceptable to offer our services to those who have nothing to do with the topic of Counter-Strike servers.
You cannot use SPAM, mailing, iframe, popup, or illegal methods in your distribution methods. Also, you can not post your links where it is forbidden to do, and on sites that host illegal content.
Rewards for orders may vary. The amount of remuneration also depends on the amount of orders and discounts and promotions used in orders. In some cases, the reward for orders may not accrue: if the client has previously visited our site, if the client has violated the terms of use of our site, etc.
You cannot create more than one account. You cannot use the affiliate program to receive rewards on your orders.
You need to strictly follow the site terms of use and strictly follow the agreement of the affiliate program.
Read the full text of the terms and conditions of the contract (via this link) of the affiliate program for full and detailed information on the partnership interaction.